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Melody in her Hand by ArthurT2015 Melody in her Hand :iconarthurt2015:ArthurT2015 197 42 Infinity Train by MagicHeartACH Infinity Train :iconmagicheartach:MagicHeartACH 40 12 Pepe confirmed by ares12 Pepe confirmed :iconares12:ares12 10 2 Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network 2- Water War by xeternalflamebryx Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network 2- Water War :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 328 39 Hawk Moth Akumatizes Darren by Paula712 Hawk Moth Akumatizes Darren :iconpaula712:Paula712 6 0 // Hoshie // by Eimie1 // Hoshie // :iconeimie1:Eimie1 9 2 Reaper and Hater by wkeeble12 Reaper and Hater :iconwkeeble12:wkeeble12 9 1 You were there for me, I was there for you by Cricky-Vines You were there for me, I was there for you :iconcricky-vines:Cricky-Vines 84 48 Adulthood by Emiline729 Adulthood :iconemiline729:Emiline729 132 28 Carpet Rodents by Aeolus06 Carpet Rodents :iconaeolus06:Aeolus06 1,039 273 Carpet Rodents: the noobs by Aeolus06 Carpet Rodents: the noobs :iconaeolus06:Aeolus06 620 108 I wanna see~ by hakutooon I wanna see~ :iconhakutooon:hakutooon 647 15 Kyle Akers meets Aladdin by Fusionbomb13 Kyle Akers meets Aladdin :iconfusionbomb13:Fusionbomb13 4 2 VLD Encouraging words by BBG4ya VLD Encouraging words :iconbbg4ya:BBG4ya 78 26 VLD_Space Daddy by BBG4ya VLD_Space Daddy :iconbbg4ya:BBG4ya 101 21 Voltron_SPACE TADASHI by BBG4ya Voltron_SPACE TADASHI :iconbbg4ya:BBG4ya 59 6



Team Universe my characters voice actors actress

Lucy as Hilary Duff
Tiana as Kyla Pratt
Miss Higgins as Kristen wiig
Dr Robert Snipes as kelsey grammer
Kasai as Maurice LaMarche
Neomi as Lucy Lu
Jason as Keith Ferguson
Zoe as chloé hollings
Masher as Brad Garrett
Meg as Hynden Walch
Minou as Dawnn Lewis
Anna Maria as julia louis-dreyfus
Lyra the vampire as Kristen Stewart
Jian of son's of Hundun as Bryce Papenbrook
Luna as Anna Kendrick
Angel raiko as Gwen Stefani
Emily as Ashley Johnson
Rin as Halle Berry
Hana as Jenny Slate
Lady Phoenix lee as Jennifer Coolidge
Venna as Leah Latham
Tranchilla as Ron Perlman
Carder and Celeb as Ron Perlman and Maurice LaMarche
Warden Mason as John Goodman
Butch as Samuel L. Jackson
Logan as billy west

My Voltron legendary Defenders Ocs
Kaylee as Kimiko Glenn
Sophie as Tamara mello
Sophie (pink paladin voltron legendary defenders)
Name: Sophie
gender: female
species human
Age: Late teen
height: 5'4'
weight: 115
abilities: she is a healer medic type girl and in battle as a pink paladin her pink lion is
the guardian is the spirit of wind storm or healing and goes to the back of voltron possess the heart of healing or give power of it
personality: Friendly Kind generous Gentle good hearted careful intelligent loyal shy calming person nurse spiritual Ecological
trash talking stubborn sarcastic tomboyish girly brave Selfless
appearance: Pretty and slender young woman curly dirty blonde hair and paladin ponytail fair skin hazel eyes
home birth: she was born in Switzerland and moved and grown up to America
Likes: vegan diet and loves animals and used herbals into spiritual stuff believing aliens and spirits ghost
dislike: stuffs got meat and diary the flashback of her lost out of space got into hyper-sleep on her rocket to the portal to another galaxy
for a 1 year ago
unnamed father and mother
younger brother
Weapon: Whip able to take on one, two or three tails depending on the task at hand. tied someone or objects or walls and stuff during battle
Kaylee (Voltron Legendary Defenders)
name: Kaylee
gender: female
species human/Galra hybrid
Age: Late teen
height: 5'2' or 3
weight: 108
skills: marital arts Quintessence shapeshift
(As a galra)
personality: sassy cocky stubborn sarcastic good hearted, careful intelligent loyal kind
trash talking rebellious tomboyish girly fast-talking brazen clever (free-spirited befriend the paladins)brave Selfless book smart selfless
appearance:attractive young woman slender black haired blue grey fair skin and has a cherry blossom flower hair clip  
Likes: loyalty to zarkon (formally) to help out the paladins like to learning the earth lifestyle support her twin brother Keith, lance shiro hunk pidge coran princess allura join Blade of Maromora as apprentice
dislikes: Zarkon ranks princess allura (at first they met formally) being brainwashed by zarkon Prince Lotor
Alies: Keith (twin brother) Shiro Lance Pidge Hunk Coran Princess Allura (frenemies formally) Zarkon (formally) Thace Ulaz
the blade of Marmora
Keith (twin brother)
Lucy-Japanese Chinese Hungarian Balkans
Steven-gem Asian appearance and Italian American
Tiana-African American lil bit of Asian
Connie- Indian American
Mako and bolin- Asian and Latin American
Miss Higgins- Irish and English American
Meg - half Caucasian Jewish and half Turk 
Luna- officially from Ireland
Jason- half Asian half African American
Zoe- French Japanese
The masher-Japan
Neomi- Japanese Chinese American
Kasai- Japanese American
Admiral Hans- Scandinavian Sami
Hana- inuit Chinese Korean American
Rin- Chinese Japanese American
Lay- inuit native American
Mei- Chinese American
The beifongs family- full Asian and bit of Latin American Native American Hawaiian native African American Jewish
Kuvira- Asian and Native American Latin American Indian American African American
Varriak- inuit Native American
Zu li- inuit and Asian American
General iron- Chinese and south Asian
Tarrlok and noatak- inuit Native American
Lieutenant- Asian American- lil bit of Caucasian
Zaheer- Tibetan and Balkans
Ghazan- Indian and Mongolian
Ming hua- Chinese inuit
P'li- south Asian African American
Carter and celeb- western and Hispanic American
Emily- Caucasian and lil bit of Cherokee Native American
Tahno- Asian and inuit and Russian and Scandinavian
Shaozu- Chinese and irish Italian American
 ming- Chinese and African American native American Latin American
Korra- inuit native American
asami- Asian and polish in her
viper- inuit native American a bit of Scottish French
earthbender triad- Chinese Korean and African American
two toed ping- Chinese Japanese Korean
shady shin- inuit native American and bit of African American
red monsoons traid- inuit native americans
tenzon and his family- Tibetan and inuit
kai- Chinese and east indian native American
prince wu- Chinese and Indian
presidents reiko - inuit Japanese
officer song- Korean Caucasian American
dr elefun- Japanese and English welsh
cora: Asian and Balkans American
Hamegg- jersey accent so.. Italian American
president stone- Japanese and irish in him American type
zane- Latin American and Japanese and African American
Widget and Sludge- Jewish American
grace- Irish and polish American
tenma family- Japanese and Chinese Hungarian Bulgarian American 
mr mustachio- Italian American
the junkyard pirates- Italian Asian American with redneck accent
general deuce- African and Latin American from Freleng
greg universe- Italian American
Professor Zane- German and Japanese
Black Velvet- African American and Japanese
Weather Vane- Asian Filipino American
Dr. Dare- English Chinese
Massive- African American
Drake Sypher- African American half Caucasian
Time Skip- English welsh and bit of Asian american
Mastermind- Korean and English American
Zadavia and Optimatus- based on greek Egyptian roman from planet freleng
Boötes Belinda- African American but mannequin
Rupes Oberon- greek and Asian appearance from freleng
Pierre Le Pew- from France
Mr. Leghorn- Caucasian from Texas
Ophiuchus Sam- Texas old western
Stoney and Bugsy- Italian American
Sagittarius Stomper and his Mom- English
Dr. Fidel Chroniker- English welsh Asian American
Lars- Hispanic Italian American
Sadie- irish germen Italian American 
buck dewey- English American
jenny- African American
sour cream- Scandinavian gemen polish American 
Ronaldo peedee mr freeman- Italian germen American
the pizza family- African American
mr smiley- African American
Vidalia and yellowtail onion- Scandinavian gemen polish American
Jamie- Hispanic French American
Andy demayo- Italian irish American
Kevin- indian American


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